Montse Bagué Cubí
Josep M. Serrano Serra
Jeweller by the Massana school, Bcn.
Gemmologist by Barcelona University.
Gems cutter.
Gemmologist by FEEG
Gemmology course in A.E.Gemología, Bcn.
Gems cutter.
Industrial Design Master, Girona University.

We began cutting gems in1997, from the beginning we decided work just with the natural material, untreated.
About the kinds of cut, we try to innovate and develop creatives and artistics pieces.
By the time we have seen that the option in to work with untreated gems was correct, because it exist a lot of confusion in this subject. It´s usual not to inform to the consumer about the treatments done to the gems, making a real swindle, because the gem can be tin, heated, infiltred, irradiated etc.then comes to the market without any advise.
Like a consequence of this, we give much importance to the procedence of the material in rough, we never work material without to know the origin. This, of course, limits part of our work, but, it showed us the material that we had near us, the wich one was not much appreciated, that was the beginning of the research that what it finished in the exposition, "Gems from the Península Ibérica, the greats unknown".
By the way, like a personal option, we never cut the nice crystals, naturally good formed, we could not improve the aspect, we keep it like a speciment; we work the broken crystals and a badly formated crystals and, naturally, with the massive material.
Talking about the facet cut, we follow the optic and crystallography knowledge to give the gems the angles and proportion as well as we can, depending of each kind of material.
The computer help us with the design, we developed news cut designs. The cab cut give us much liberty but never leaving the classic cab like oval shape, round, square etc. also we do free forms cabs.
Actually we begin with the carving and the concaves facets.
Also we like the natural inclusions in the crystals and all the naturals characteristics in the rough, finding the adequated cut for every case, sometimes we combine, a part cut and a part natural.

We get material in rough. Under order, we can cut pieces in facet or in cab, in any material. Look the material available. Also we can design specials pieces for a collectors or for jewellery. contact us

Display about differents gems and jewels, do it by the authors.

Silver and moon stone
Quartz & epidote
Silver & jet
Silver & amber
Silver & chalcedony
Gold, Chalcedony
Silver & Citrine
Natural topaz
Opal with dendritas
Silver & opal fire
Silver, Pyroxmangite
Opal Andes



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