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The Seraphinite is a precious gem that has captured the attention of many for its unique properties and unparalleled beauty. Originally from Russia, this stone stands out for its appearance reminiscent of feathery wings, giving it an angelic and mystical touch. Its name, in fact, derives from this distinctive feature that evokes seraphim, celestial beings.

In terms of its physical characteristics, the Seraphinite displays green shades with silver flashes that shine with light. It is a stone that is not only appreciated for its beauty but also for its energetic properties. It is said that the Seraphinite facilitates angelic contact, promotes spiritual enlightenment, and aids in self-healing. Moreover, it is widely used in jewelry, where its presence in pendants and necklaces adds a touch of elegance and spirituality.

Seraphinite: Angelic and Mystical

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