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Welcome to the gemstones section of our mineral store. Explore unique faceted gems, cabochons, and carvings that bring the beauty and energy of the earth into your life. Each piece is a natural expression that can inspire and enhance your well-being. Find the perfect gem to reflect your essence and connect with the ancestral power of gemstones.



    Discover our unique collection of cabochons from different types of minerals! A cabochon is a polished, non-faceted gemstone, ideal for creating unique and personalized jewelry. We offer a variety of minerals, each with its own properties and benefits. Used in jewelry, costume jewelry, or for simple visual delight, our cabochons are perfect for all kinds of creations. Explore our collection and find the perfect cabochon for your next project


    Faceted gems are a unique treasure in the world of precious stones. Through a meticulous facet process, raw gems are transformed into brilliant works of art. These gems can vary in shape, color, and shine. Carved gems are used in jewelry to enhance the beauty of designs and are also considered symbols of status and wealth.

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