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The Triphylite, also known as Triplita, is a rare and captivating gem. Its name comes from the Greek "triphylos", meaning 'three leaves', in reference to its fracture. This mineral is mainly found in areas like the United States, Brazil, and Germany.

Physically, Triphylite is notable for its range of colors, varying from pale pink to bluish-green. Its chemical composition is a mix of lithium, iron, and phosphate, which gives it unique properties.

In terms of hardness, Triphylite is rated 4-5 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for jewelry pieces that do not require intense daily use.

In jewelry, Triphylite is valued for its rarity and its ability to capture light, bringing a distinctive touch to any piece. Additionally, it is believed to have energetic properties, such as aiding emotional balance and promoting well-being.

Triplite: Rare gem with unique properties

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