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Larimar, also known as the "Stone of the Caribbean", is a unique gem found only in the Dominican Republic. Its coloration varies between white, light blue, and greenish-blue, reflecting the shades of the Caribbean Sea. Buying Larimar is not only acquiring an exclusive jewel but also a fragment of the Caribbean essence. This gem is highly valued in jewelry for its rarity and incomparable beauty, being ideal for creating unique and elegant pieces. Additionally, it is attributed energetic properties, such as promoting tranquility and inner peace.

Its volcanic origin and its composition of pectolite make it unique in its kind. The Larimar deposits are located in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic, in the province of Barahona. The extraction of this stone is a craft, and its commercialization is an important source of income for local communities. By buying Larimar, you support the economy of these regions and obtain a jewel with incalculable sentimental and cultural value. Its uniqueness and its connection with the sea make it a treasure for those who possess it.

Larimar: Caribbean

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