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Spinel is a fascinating and multifaceted gem. Its name, derived from the Latin "spina," reflects its crystal shape akin to a spine. This mineral is found in countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

Known for its wide range of colors, Spinel offers hues from intense reds, deep blues to soft pinks and pure blacks. Its transparency and exceptional luster, along with a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, make it ideal for all kinds of jewelry.

Chemically, Spinel is an oxide of magnesium and aluminum. This composition gives it notable durability and lasting beauty. Its ability to refract light and display a spectrum of colors makes it a popular choice in high-end jewelry.

In terms of energy, Spinel is associated with revitalization and renewal. Purchasing it not only adds a luxurious element to any collection but is also believed to bring positive and stimulating energy.

Acquiring a Spinel represents an investment in beauty and quality. Its versatility and the wide spectrum of available colors make it an exceptional gem for any enthusiast or collector.

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