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Scapolite is a unique gem with a rich history and exceptional properties. Its name is derived from the Greek "skapos," meaning "rod," in reference to its elongated crystal habit. It is found in mineral deposits around the world, including Brazil, the United States, and Russia.

This gem stands out for its wide range of colors, ranging from yellow to green, pink, and blue. Scapolite exhibits a vitreous luster and can sometimes display optical phenomena such as adularescence, adding a soft play of colors to the stone.

From a chemical perspective, Scapolite is an aluminosilicate with the chemical formula (Na,Ca)4-8(Al6Si6O24)(CO3,SO4)1-2. This showcases its complex chemical composition and structure, making it fascinating both from a scientific and aesthetic point of view.

In jewelry, Scapolite is used in the making of rings, necklaces, and earrings. Its diversity of colors and luster make it perfect for unique and elegant pieces. Moreover, in terms of energy, Scapolite is believed to bring mental clarity and help focus thoughts.

At Gemmesterra, we offer you the opportunity to acquire this unique jewel. Scapolite is not only a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection but also a source of energy and clarity. Harness its power to illuminate your life and add a touch of elegance to your style. Purchase your Scapolite at Gemmesterra and experience the beauty and energy that this exceptional gem has to offer.

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