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Prehnite is a captivating mineral belonging to the silicate group, specifically the phyllosilicates. This calcium and aluminum aluminosilicate can contain up to 7% iron, giving it a range of shades. Its discovery is credited to Hendrik von Prehn in 1774 in South Africa, hence its name in honor of this Dutch colonel.

This mineral forms in the cracks of basic volcanic rocks rich in calcium and can also be found in igneous rocks or as a product of low-grade metamorphism. Its appearance is truly mesmerizing, presenting a predominant green color, although blue and yellow varieties also exist. Prehnite is often found in fibrous-radiated masses or tabular crystals, and it is common to see it in botryoidal aggregates or globular crusts.

In terms of its geographical distribution, there are notable deposits in South Africa, the United States, India, Germany, and other countries. In Spain, specimens have been found in Caravaca (Murcia), Lebrija (Seville), and Carchelejo (Jaén).

From an energetic point of view, Prehnite is known to influence spiritual growth and improve the ability to foresee events. It is beneficial for the heart chakra and the third eye, infusing calm and peace in those who possess it.

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