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Facteded Amethyst from Uruguay.

Not treated.

Weight: 3.0ct. Size: 10x9x7mm.

In Stock

Chemical: SiO2

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz. It comes in the full range of violets. Nearly colorless to dark violet. In the best examples has flashes of red and blue. When an amethyst has a dark purple with flashes it is commercially called "Siberian color," because in Siberia came specimens of great beauty.

It has Mohs hardness 7 and can be used safely durability.

It has successfully sintered with confidence and is very difficult to distinguish the synthetic natural.

A very high percentage of which are for sale in the market are synthetic so it is a gem that must be purchased from a supplier in confidence.

We guarantee that our amethysts are natural.

The main deposits are in: Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, East Africa, Russia.

In Catalonia were very important amethysts Montseny (Barcelona).


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