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Jade jadeita 21.59gr
  • Jade jadeita 21.59gr
  • Jade jadeita 21.59gr
  • Jade jadeita 21.59gr
  • Jade jadeita 21.59gr

Jade jadeite 21.59gr

Product Details
GEM TYPE : Jade jadeite
TOTAL WEIGHT : 21.59gr
SIZE : (LxWxH) : 39.9x30x10.4mm
SHAPE : Oval
COLOR : Green
ORIGIN : Myanmar
TREATMENT : Unheated / Untreated
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Jadeite Jade is a mineral belonging to the group of pyroxenes. Although in appearance it resembles Nephrite, its physical and optical properties are different.
Jadeite jade comes in all colors, the best known is green in the full range of shades. White, black, lavender colors are also appreciated. Emerald green and transparent jadeite jade is called Imperial Jade. Imperial Jade is very rare and is the most valuable gem of all gems, after colored diamonds.
There are primary deposits of Jadeite Jade, but a large amount of material that we see in the market is in the form of boulders from secondary deposits.
Jadeite jade has been a highly prized gemstone since ancient times. In many ancient cultures it is present in all possible forms: ornaments, seals, cabochons, beads, small sculptures, etc. It is very hard and resistant, therefore many old pieces have come down to us. Currently, with Jadeite jade, cabochons, beads, carvings, rings, bracelets, and sculptures are made.
Current deposits are scarce, the most prominent are in Burma, Turkey, Guatemala, USA, Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan.
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