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Round cab of Jade Jadeita violet (AAA) from Turkey.

Not treated.

Weight: 18gr. Size: 47mm.

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Jadeite is a mineral belonging to the group of pyroxenes. Although it seems in appearance to the Nefrita their physical and optical properties are different.

Jadeite comes in all colors, the best known is the green on the full range of tonalidades.Tambien are prized white, black, lavender colors. Jadeite and transparent emerald green called Imperial Jade. Imperial Jade is very low and is the most valuable gem of all gems, after colored diamonds.

There are primary deposits of jadeite, but large amount of material we see in the market is shaped boulders secondary deposits.

Jadeite has been a prized gem as a gemstone since ancient times. In many ancient cultures present in all possible forms: ornaments, stamps, cabochons, beads, small sculptures etc. It is very hard and durable so have survived very many antique pieces. Currently with jadeite cabochons, beads, carvings, rings, bracelets, and sculptures are made.

Current deposits are scarce, the most prominent being in Burma, Turkey, Guatemala, USA, Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan

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